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.::Evolution Rules::.

Starting pokemon:
You can use any pokemon except legendaries, but note you can't start with a pokemon in its final stage of evolution. For example, Cyndaquil or Quilava are acceptable, but Typlosion isn't, unless your character evolves during a mission.

You MAY have them evolve during a mission, but after at least three missions only. And it can't just randomly happen.

If you want to be fully joined in, you need to join this forum because that's where the chat is :…


The Outlaw Guild- "The Lightstalkers' Guild'
Guildmaster - Catstar (Riolu)MadnessOfMana:iconmadnessofmana:
Background : -
Member list: -
Blank app: Lightstalker's Guild Application .::BLANK::. by MadnessOfMana

The Rescuer Guild- "Lightest Shadow"
Guildmaster - Shadow (Luxio):iconpika159:pika159
Background: -
Member list: -
Blank app: Lightest Shadow's Guild Application by pika159

Merchants Guild - "The Power Sellers"
Guildmaster - Thunder (Pidgeotto) :iconfierythequilava:FieryTheQuilava
Background: -
Member list: -
Blank app: Merchant PMD:UE APP by FieryTheQuilava

?? - "Guild of Randomness", AKA "Rand"
Guildmaster - Paint (Zorua):iconhimonas-soul:Himonas-Soul
Background: -
Member list: -
Blank app: Guild Rand App by SoulTheZorua

Explorer Guild- The 'Blue Courage' Guild
Guildmaster: Chi (Rattata):iconquithequilava556:QuitheQuilava556
Background: -
Member list: -
Blank app: PMD Unstoppable Evil- Blank App by QuitheQuilava556

Uncategorised members list : -

Guilds history and such

Here's the story of the five guilds and how they came to be:

Thunder's Parodies

If you would like a good laugh, be sure to tune into chat whenever FieryTheQuilava +ThunderThePidgeotto is on; she'll tell parody stories that'll give you a good laugh! If you miss them, they'll be posted as group journals and also linked below:
History of the Merchant's Guild:
Why the five guilds split up:
What happened to the cure in the end:
Why Paint was a unicorn:


This collection does not have any deviations yet!

Newest Members

And not on the forum.
The rescuers technically don't have any guildmaster or co-leader right now.

I'll just copy from the forum-

Shadow left the Rescuer's guild. And when I mean left, I mean he really resigned as a guildmaster and left the guild. Leaving Lithona to do it. But since Lithona cared so much for him nowadays, she had also left, but she didn't resign. Some time before that though, Lithona found an egg left outside the guild and took care of it. It hatched into a female vulpix and she named it Flow. Little Flow even called Shadow "Papa" as he and Lithona were the only ones with her when she hatched. Now when Lithona went missing, Flowen went to the beach as she saw the luxio going to the beach recently. She called Shadow and asked if he has seen Lithona and his answer was no. Shadow thought that Lithona would be with Flow, but Flow thought that she would be with Shadow.

I posted this on Searching for roleplays. I kinda added a lot more sections to the forum than just the missions and stuff.

I want people to participate in this whether or not they are a rescuer. This is not a chat thing. This is posting stuff and waiting for your next turn and stuff so none of you need to rush for this. I mean, I'm mostly busy nowadays too, but I still think for the group once in a while.

(Oh and, admins, I wrote something on the notepad thingy though it isn't at all important as you guys would know it already)
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Riverstaared Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't exactly made a character yet, are they still open?
FieryTheQuilava Jan 26, 2014  Student Filmographer
yeah!! just pick a guild, make a character, make sure to see the evolution guidelines, submit the app and you´re good to go!
Riverstaared Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aureola-tutore Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
You're allowed multiple OCs, aren't you?
Yep. One did an app with two pokemons while others did each character separately but it is multiple ocs. (Though mine are mostly just for my PMD-LE characters. Except for Shadow and Lithona.)
Quick question... could someone fill out two applications for a team, have two characters on the same app, or no?
Oh! Do you mean by that?
I thought it was... Oh never mind,
You can try to do it in one app like one of them or separate like what someone else did. Either way it's okay~
^v^ thanks~ though, RP and I were going to a popular PMD :iconpmd-explorers: but it closed... we found out that there are multiple groups made based off of the closing, so I guess we'll go either way~ :shrug:
Maybe PMD-E-of-Beyond!
I put my old teams in there ^^
(1 Reply)
snivy-fan Jul 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh could I join?
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